Field Tours

Discover the latest breakthroughs in agriculture and technology from researchers and Extension specialists from the University of Illinois. Each tour lasts about an hour and 30 minutes, so please come early if you plan to go on all tour stops.

Field tours depart from the main tent at the Crop Sciences Research and Education Center South First Street Facility, making stops at research plots. Researchers will discuss a variety of topics including: pest management, crop production, water quality, weed control, corn and soybean genetics, plant diseases, farm economics, and agricultural engineering.

There will also be a limited number of tours and presentations at the University of Illinois Energy Farm. To sign-up for this tour, visit the registration tent the morning of Agronomy Day!

2017 Agronomy Day Topics

Tour A
1. Managing Nitrogen for Corn – Emerson Nafziger
2. Nitrogen on Soybeans – Have We Made Progress Yet? – Joshua Vonk
3. Illinois Broomcorn: Breeding Nature’s Swiffer – Jessica Bubert
4. What Causes Profitability Differences Across Farms? – Gary Schnitkey
5. Searching for White Mold Resistance in Soybean’s Wild Relatives – Leslie Domier

Tour B
1. Corn and Soybean Pests: What’s #trending in 2017? – Kelly Estes
2. Patterns of Bt Resistance in Illinois Western Corn Rootworm Populations – Joe Spencer
3. Pre-emergence Herbicides in a POST Resistance World – Dean Riechers
4. Do Nematodes on Corn Matter? – Nate Schroeder
5. Soybean Cyst Nematode: Pest or Pestilence – Kris Lambert

Tour C
1. How to Turn a Cone Penetrometer into a Soil Eavesdropper – Tony Grift
2. Waste Not, Want Not: Strategies for Producing a Water-use Efficient Line of Corn – Tony Studer
3. Woodchip Bioreactors – Chippin’ Away at Nitrate Loss –  Laura Christianson
4. Drones: Improving your Perspective – Dennis Bowman and Russ Higgins

Tour D
1. The Seven Wonders of Corn Yield – Revisited – Fred Below
2. How Critical are Soil Phosphorus Test Values – Tryston Beyrer
3. Knocking Out the Continuous Corn Yield Penalty – Alison Vogel
4. Can Narrow Row Spacings be Used to Manage More Corn Plants? – Brad Bernhard