Field Tours

Discover the latest breakthroughs in agriculture and technology from researchers and Extension specialists from the University of Illinois. Each tour lasts about an hour and 30 minutes, so please come early if you plan to go on all tour stops.

Field tours depart from the main tent at the Crop Sciences Research and Education Center South First Street Facility, making stops at research plots. Researchers will discuss a variety of topics including: pest management, crop production, weed control, corn and soybean genetics, plant diseases, farm economics, and agricultural engineering.


Santiago Mideros: Cataloging the Weapons Arsenal of the Fusarium Head Blight Pathogen
Tiffany Jamann: How Do Corn Plants Protect Against Diseases?
Frederic Kolb: Stripe Rust and Scab Resistance in Wheat
Joseph Spencer: Bt Resistance in Corn Rootworm Beetles
Nathan Schroeder: How Does the Worm Turn?


Cameron Pittelkow: Nitrogen Management: Balancing profitability with sustainability
Jonathan Coppess & Gary Schnitke: Nutrient Loss and Water Quality Challenges for Illinois Farmers
Todd Kuethe: Farmland Price Outlook
Patrick Tranel: Six Weed Management Predictions to Keep You Up at Night
Marty Williams & Laura Crawford: Investigating Low Crop Emergence in Edamame


Mollie Hoss: An Assessment of Grain NPK Content in Illinois: Have Removal Rates Changed?
Anthony Studer: The Show Must Go On: Balancing Water Use Under Continuously Changing Environmental Conditions
Jake Vossenkemper & Emerson Nafziger: Does It Help to Match Soybean Maturity to Planting Date?
Joshua Vonk, Jason Niekamp & Emerson Nafziger: Managing Soybeans for High Yields – Will Adding "More Stuff" Work?
Dennis Bowman: Ag Drones: Rules of the Sky

*Offered at 8:30am and 10:30am (tentative) with limited availability since we will be transporting attendees to SoyFACE. Attendees will need to sign-up in advance at the registration table. Tours will last 1 hour.

Don Ort: What is SoyFACE
Lisa Ainsworth: Improving Maize Tolerance in Air Pollution
Carl Bernacchi: Adapting Food Crops to Global Warming
Andrew Leakey: Improving Drought Tolerance and Water Use Efficiency in C4 Crops