University of Illinois Plant Clinic

Want to know what's wrong with your corn, soybeans, or favorite tomato plant?

Bring a troubled plant sample to the Plant Clinic display in the Main Display Tent. We will do in field (or in tent in this case) diagnosis of one plant sample as you wait. (The fine print: Limit one plant diagnosis per customer, first come first serve). Don't have a plant that needs a diagnosis on Agronomy Day? Stop by and pick up a postcard coupon for 10% off your next sample you send to the Plant Clinic. We're moving the Plant Clinic Laboratory to Turner Hall near the end of this growing season, ask us where and get another postcard for 10% off another sample.

The Plant Clinic at the University of Illinois is the Illinois representative in the North Central region of NPDN (National Plant Diagnostic Network). A primary objective of the network is the rapid, accurate diagnoses of exotic pests, select agents, or other introduced insects, pathogens, or weed threats to the United States. The network provides funding opportunities to improve or augment the function and capability of member clinics.

The University of Illinois Plant Clinic provides a service to the general public, offering unbiased plant problem diagnoses and access to opinions of specialists in multiple disciplines, funneled through one location. There is a support fee for all plant samples. Find more information sampling and fees at the Plant Clinic website, follow us on Facebook, check out our blog, or catch up on some Illini Plant and Pest Podcasts.

Suzanne Bissonnette

Suzanne Bissonnette
Plant Clinit
Extension IPM Coordinator