The Illinois Plant Breeding Center

The Illinois Plant Breeding Center's (IPBC) mission is to educate future generations of plant breeders and conduct contemporary research that fosters educational goals in terms of revelance, quality, impact at both the local and global levels and multi-disciplinary team orientation. The IPBC is designed to represent a new pradigm in plant breeding education which must be both broad in scope and high quality. In today's world, it is essential that fundamentals are supplemented by an understanding of a broad range of disciplines related to genomics and bioinformatics to enable use of new genetic information in the development of valuable new plant materials. The Center's vision is to become the premier institituion in the U.S. supplying skilled plant breeders and the national model for education and research in plant breeding. Its goal is to blaze the trail for the use of new genomic information by indentifying and creating applications in crop improvement and the development of new tools through innovative trans-disciplinary research and education collaborations. Thus the commision of the Center is to demonstrate "Genomics in action for food, feed, fuel, and flora."