Illinois Farm Business Farm Management (FBFM) Association

The FBFM program in Illinois is a cooperative educational-service, record-keeping and business analysis program for operating farmers. There are 9 local associations in the state with 5,775 cooperators (members). The Pioneer FBFM Association is the oldest, being in existence since 1924. The Shawnee FBFM Association is the most recent, starting in the early sixties.

The participating farmers (or cooperators) are the members of the association. They elect representatives to serve on a board of directors to provide for the services and establish policy. The local board employs field staff to deliver the services, each working with about 100 cooperators or members. Field staff have an opportunity to work closely in financial management, accounting, and tax with commercial farmers.

Our 60 professional staff all have at least a BS degree in Agricultural Economics or a closely related field. They meet with their clients four or five times per year to discuss the business analysis for the farm, income tax planning, agronomic analysis, estate planning, and other topics related to the operation and management of the farm business.