Welcome to Agronomy Day at the Crop Sciences Research and Education Center!

What is Agronomy Day?

Agronomy Day is a partnership among several academic units in the University of Illinois's College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES). Sign up now for the Agronomy Day mailing list!

From Germán Bollero, Head of Crop Sciences:

Agriculture is rapidly advancing to meet the needs of our growing world population. The Department of Crop Sciences is prepared to educate and prepare tomorrow's leaders while supporting and equipping current leaders with the latest technology and techniques. » Read full introduction

From Robert Dunker, Crop Sciences Superintendent:

The development of the present research farm can be traced back to the turn of the century; field operations began here in 1903. The original Agronomy Farm consisted of the 80 acres. Since then, the area has expanded slowly but steadily to its present 800 acres. » Read full introduction