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Agronomy Day 2010

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Field Tour Presentations

Take four walking tours and discuss the latest breakthroughs in agriculture and technology with researchers and extension specialists from the University of Illinois.

Walking tours begin every half-hour between 7:00 am and 12:00 noon, as groups are available. Each tour lasts about an hour, so please come early if you plan to take all four.

Tour A

Randall Nelson, Ram Singh, and Justin Ma
Perennial Glycine: A new source of genetic diversity for soybean improvement
Emerson D. Nafziger
Corn Residue: A Resource or a Problem?
Vince M. Davis and Nathan Mellendorf
How much seed yield can soybean plants compensate?
Fabián G. Fernández
Nutrient placement and tillage: A few things to consider
Patrick Tranel, Chance Riggins, and Michael Bell
Introducing QuadStack™ Waterhemp
Aaron G. Hager and Dean Riechers
Contemplations Concerning a Continuing Conundrum

Tour B

Carl A. Bradley
Identification and Management of Soybean Seedling Blight Diseases
Terry Niblack
The 2009-2010 Corn Nematode survey in Illinois: Results and Implications
Glen L. Hartman and Ellen D. West
Soybean Root Rot, Stem, Foliar, and Seed Diseases
Leslie L. Domier
Virus Diseases of Soybean: the Usual Suspects and Two New Pretenders
Brian Diers
Gains from 80 years of soybean breeding

Tour C

Fred E. Below and Adam Henninger
The Formula for 300 Bushel Corn
Gary Schnitkey
Corn Yield Variability on Central Illinois Farms
Xinlei Wang
Learn to Run Your Vehicle on Wood Chips with Biomass Gasification
Stanley (Jay) Solomon, Jr.
Perennial Grasses To BioFuel: A Community Perspective
Tony Grift
Innovative device counts corn stalks in experimental fields

Tour D

Andrew T. Morehouse
Japanese Beetle Injury in Soybean: Can Control Be Justified?
TMichael E. Gray, Ronald E. Estes, and Nicholas A. Tinsley
SmartStax™, Seed Blends, And Refuge: Managing Corn Rootworms and Resistance
Rick Weinzierl
Using Pheromone Traps to Predict Egg-laying and Damage by Corn Earworm
Dr. Joseph Spencer and Sarah Hughson
The Rootworm’s opinion of reduced refuge
Darin M. Eastburn
Global Climate Change and Implications for Future Plant Disease Epidemics
Agronomy Day 2010