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Agronomy Day 2010

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CABER: One-stop shop for Illinois bioenergy information

Established in 2007, the Center for Advanced BioEnergy Research (CABER) at the University of Illinois, College of ACES provides a framework for bioenergy-related research and scholarship at the U of I. It helps facilitate crossdisciplinary research, education, and outreach programs that promote the use of biorenewable resources. CABER also provides science-based information to external stakeholders in the bioenergy industry and for consumers.

CABER is coordinating the proposed bioprocessing research laboratory, which will provide space on the Urbana campus for researchers and commercial partners to test scale-up and commercialization steps for new feedstocks, biofuels production, and biochemical production. Progress made in bioprocessing research lab-supported projects will create opportunities and new crops for farmers and will help build the industry expertise needed to produce sustainable renewable energy sources.

To make it easier for interested parties to identify research capacity at the University of Illinois, CABER has compiled a directory listing of faculty with interests in bioenergy. An electronic listing is on the CABER web site.

For those needing information in bioenergy and bioenergy research, please visit the CABER bioenergy research blog: The blog is updated daily with 3-10 news articles about bioenergy and bioenergy research globally.

Education: CABER coordinates the Professional Science Master's degree in Bioenergy. This 18-month program consists of mixture of science and business classes and an internship. CABER provides two classes in bioenergy: Bioenergy Systems ACES 409/509 (3 hours) and Advanced Bioenergy Topics - Seminar Series ACES 501 (1 hour). Illinois Biomass Working Group: The newly formed Illinois Biomass Working Group discusses opportunities for farmers, industry, academia and the financial industry to work together on biomass issues, including logistics, market creation, research, and small- to large-scale heat and electricity projects. The Illinois Biomass Working Group formed after the Biomass Conversion to Heat & Electricity Workshop in March, which was sponsored by the University of Illinois—Center for Advanced Bioenergy Research (CABER), Western Illinois University—Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Illinois State University—Center for Renewable Energy, University of Illinois Extension, Heartland Community College, Chip Energy and Agricultural Watershed Institute. For more information, contact Ted Funk ( or Natalie Bosecker (

For more information about CABER activities, visit:
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Professor Hans Blaschek, Director
Greg Knott, Associate Director
Ted Funk, Assistant Director for Outreach
Natalie Bosecker, Coordinator for Communications and
External Relations
34 Animal Sciences Lab
1207 W. Gregory Dr.
Urbana, IL 61801

Agronomy Day 2010