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Agronomy Day 2010

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Contact: Ted Funk, Extension Specialist, Agricultural Engineering
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering ph. 217-333-9313 and

Farms and businesses that store petroleum- and nonpetroleum- based fuel or oil products may be required to have an oil spill prevention and control plan, under US EPA's SPCC program. There is a new November 2010 deadline for preparation of plans. University of Illinois Extension can help you decide whether your site is covered by the SPCC program, and what type of plan your site needs. Our EZregs website also has easy-to-find information on other environmental regulations that affect Illinois farmers. Don't just guess about whether you need an Oil Spill Prevention plan –visit our table at Agronomy Day and get the information that can save you lots of headaches!

Agronomy Day 2010