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Agronomy Day 2009

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Field Tour Presentations

Take four walking tours and discuss the latest breakthroughs in agriculture and technology with researchers and extension specialists from the University of Illinois.

Walking tours begin every half-hour between 7:00 am and 12:00 noon, as groups are available. Each tour lasts about an hour, so please come early if you plan to take all four.

Tour A

Aaron Hager
Technology to Turn the Tide
Patrick Tranel
The Naked Truth: Waterhemp’s DNA Revealed
Tony E. Grift
Mechanical Weed Control in Corn
John Masiunas and Dan Anderson
Weed Management in Cucurbits
Fabián G. Fernández
How much is too much and how little is too little for phosphorus and potassium?
S. A. Ebelhar, E. D. Nafziger, E. A. Adee, and L. E. Paul
Managing Spring Nitrogen for Illinois Wheat

Tour B

Snook Pataky and Marty Williams
Genetic discoveries at Illinois continue to improve sweet corn
James S. Haudenshield and Glen Hartman
Utilization of Molecular Detection Techniques to Find Soybean Pathogens
Steve Moose, Matt Hudson, and Wes Barber
Do Small Genes Make Big Hybrids?
Mohammad Babadoost
Diagnose and Manage Your Tomato Diseases
Scott Bretthauer and Carl A. Bradley
Aerial Fungicide Applications to Corn for Disease Control

Tour C

D.K. Lee
Future Opportunities in Production Agriculture-Dedicated Energy Crop Switchgrass Management
Ted L. Funk and Gary Letterly
Make Biomass Pay Now: Bridge Markets for Illinois Biomass Crops
Jarrad R. Prasifka and Jeff Bradshaw
Planning ahead: possible insect pests of switchgrass, Miscanthus, and other biofuel crops
Elizabeth Ainsworth
SoyFACE - Adapting Illinois Crops to Global Change
Gary Schnitkey
Volitility Continues in Energy Prices and Production Costs

Tour D

Brian Diers and Carol Bonin
Using Resistance Genes to Combat the Soybean Aphid
Terry L. Niblack
The REAL Threat of Corn Nematode Injury in Northern Illinois
Dr. Joe Spencer, Dr. Kevin L. Steffey, and Andrew T. Morehouse
The When and Where of Japanese Beetle Injury
Michael E. Gray
Bt Stacks, Seed Treatments, and Soil Insecticides: Optimizing IPM and IRM for Corn Rootworms
Ronald E. Estes and Nicholas A. Tinsley
New Changes and Old Challenges: Western Corn Rootworm Management in Illinois
change and challenge