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Agronomy Day 2009

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Your Soybean Checkoff Dollars at Work

Mike Levin
Director of Marketing & Special Projects
Illinois Soybean Association

Marilyn Nash
Program Coordinator, Soy Foods and Nutrition Research
National Soybean Research Laboratory
University of Illinois

Danny Erickson
Training Coordinator
National Soybean Research Laboratory
University of Illinois

Linda Kull
Program Coordinator, Soybean Production Research
National Soybean Research Laboratory
University of Illinois

Phone number of contact person:
Linda Kull, 217-265-4066

Department or organization of contributors:
Illinois Soybean Association
National Soybean Research Laboratory, ACES Administration

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The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) and the National Soybean Research Laboratory (NSRL) at the University of Illinois strive to facilitate research spanning the soybean industry. Rapid developments in soybean science and technology are changing the way we do research in the areas of soybean productivity and genetic improvement, crop management, processing, animal feed, food, nutrition, biofuels, and human health. The ISA and the NSRL are focused on the application of new developments in science and technology to directly respond to the needs of the soybean industry and to assist producers in their efforts to deal with the challenges of a constantly changing market place.  The ISA is the statewide organization for Illinois soybean producers that administers soybean checkoff funds to support research, promotions and educational programs designed to increase demand for Illinois soybeans and administers legislation and membership programs.
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