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Agronomy Day 2008

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Welcome to Agronomy Day 2008

Robert Hoeft
Robert Hoeft
Professor and Head
Department of Crop Sciences

Welcome to Agronomy Day 2008. We are glad you have come to see the results of our research and to share your questions and observations with our scientists. While a lot has changed since Agronomy Day started 52 years ago, the need for research to increase crop production efficiency is higher today than it was when Agronomy Day first started. Fifty two years ago, no one was concerned about finding the shelves in the grocery store bare as has been experienced with some products this past year. Likewise, no one worried about not having the input items, especially oil related products like fuel, fertilizer, and pesticides available when they needed them. Both of these situations are now reality and require an active research program to insure that production per unit of land area and per unit of input is at its highest.

Todays theme, “Energizing Agriculture”, allows for presentations that will address not only production of bioenergy crops, but also those that will address improving the efficiency of crop production per unit of energy input. With the high cost of energy input, it is essential that we do all we can to conserve energy resources, a process that will increase your bottom line. In addition to the energy related topics, there will be several other presentations on crop production problems and opportunities. Be sure to get your questions answered before you leave today and be sure to share your observations with us. An observation that you share may lead to a major breakthrough that will increase production for you and your neighbors.

Please join us at the north side of the Seed House at noon today for a presentation by one of our prominent national leaders.

Don’t forget to visit the displays inside the large orange and blue tent. There are lots of new products on display as well as additional research posters for you to view. Interested in becoming a student in Crop Sciences? Find out why NOW is a great time to consider training for a career in Crop Sciences. Our current Crop Sciences students will be on hand to tell you about the various options available through the Department and the great opportunities for employment that are available to our students.

This annual event is a partnership among several academic units in the College of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences. We’re delighted to have you with us and hope that you will return to this premier event.

Energizing Agriculture