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Agronomy Day 2008

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Field Tour Presentations

Take four walking tours and discuss the latest breakthroughs in agriculture and technology with researchers and extension specialists from the University of Illinois.

Tour topics include:

Walking tours begin every half-hour between 7:00 am and 12:00 noon, as groups are available. Each tour lasts about an hour, so please come early if you plan to take all four.

Tour A

Terry L. Niblack
Ten Things You Should Know about Corn Nematodes
Fabián G. Fernández
Maximizing Returns on Fertilizer Investment
Glen L. Hartman
Resistance Genes to Fight Against Soybean Diseases and Pests
Emerson D. Nafziger
Pushing Soybean Yields

Tour B

Fred E. Below & Martin Uribelarrea
Ethylene: How Plants Talk About Stress
Carl A. Bradley & Fred Kolb
Managing Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) of Wheat
Ronald E. Estes & Nicholas A. Tinsley
Changing Tactics: The Battle Against Soybean Aphids using Insecticides and Host Plant Resistance
Michael E. Gray & Kevin Steffey
Managing Insect Pests of Corn in a Transgenic Landscape

Tour C

Dawn Refsell
The Power of Residual
A.J. Woodyard & Dean Riechers
Giant Ragweed: Improved Management Options for Fighting an Old Enemy in Corn
Aaron Hager & Patrick Tranel
Waterhemp Notches Another Victory Against Illinois Farmers
Jim Morrison & Ted Funk
Getting Green from Brown – Fertilizer Value of Manure

Tour D

Martin Bohn & Andrew Hauck
Corn Stover: A Second Crop?
Corey Mitchell
Biofuel Cropping System Effects on Soil Moisture and Inorganic N Leaching
Louis F. Rodríguez
Future Engineering Solutions For Biomass Feedstock Production
Gary Letterly
Bioenergy Crops – Alternative Markets – “From Field to Furnace”
Energizing Agriculture