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Agronomy Day 2008

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Integrated Weed Management for the North Central Region

Adam Davis (Ecologist), Marty Williams (Ecologist), Joanne Chee-Sanford (Microbiologist) and Jerry Sims (Microbiologist). USDA-ARS Invasive Weed Management Unit, Urbana, IL., 217333-9654.

At the USDA-ARS Invasive Weed Management Unit, in Urbana, IL, we are working on developing new tools and discovering how to incorporate old ones into multi-tactic integrated weed management strategies. A unifying goal of our research is to target all stages of the weed life cycle. At the seedling stage, we use cover crops, mulches and preemergence herbicides to suppress weed emergence. At the plant stage, we use competitive cultivars, postemergence herbicides and cultivation to reduce survival to maturity. At the seed stage, we are investigating the role of soil microbes and seed predators in reducing soil seed banks. And finally, to predict the impacts of integrating all these tools on weed population dynamics, we use computer simulation models

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