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Agronomy Day 2008

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UIUC Biodiesel Initiative: Engineers without Borders

Co-Project Leaders: Anne Munaretto, 630-569-1768 and
Tyler Cain 309-663-8024
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department

The UIUC Biodiesel Initiative is a local project of Engineers without Borders focused primarily on lowering the university’s the emissions and promoting renewable fuel education. Our team strives to make the UIUC Biodiesel Initiative a model for university and community biodiesel production. We plan to collect 400 gallons of waste vegetable oil from campus dining halls and then to produce, at a 1:1 ratio, 400 gallons of biodiesel each week for use in the campus fleet. Simultaneously, the initiative will work to infuse knowledge of biodiesel use and production both on campus and in nearby communities. This student-run project has made a great deal of progress including reactor designs, tests to determine quality, a means of implementation into the present fleet, and work schedules. Currently, the reactor site is undergoing construction in order to meet safety regulations. With the help of University of Illinois faculty members and Facilities and Services, we expect to see full production by December 2008. The biodiesel will provide cleaner fuel at a lower cost than the status quo. Please contact us at or check out our website at for more information or to get involved!

Energizing Agriculture