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Agronomy Day 2008

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Credits and Thanks

Field Day Committee

R. E. Dunker: Chair
K. A. Ames
M. Babadoost
M. O. Bohn
C. A. Bradley

T. R. Cary
S. E. Conaster
F. G. Fernandez
A. G. Hager
G. L. Hartmann

S. C. Huber
D. H. Latz
D. J. Maxwell
T. L. Niblack
A. L. Rayburn

J. L. Spencer
K. L. Steffy
D. R. Walker
C. M. Bonin
R. J. Wynstra

Crop Sciences Research and Education Center

Superintendant: Robert Dunker
Principal Research Specialist: Mike Kleiss
Senior Research Specialist: Jeff Warren
Research Specialist: Chris Greer
Crop Testing Technicians: Jim Little, Jim White

CSREC Advisiory Committee

Ken Dalenberg
Mansfield, Il.

Steve Ayers
Monticello, Il.

Jerry Cassida
Tuscola, Il.

Kevin Green
Fithian, Il.

Howard Brown
Bloomington, Il.

Kent Krukewitt
Homer, Il.

Enid Schlipf
Gridley, Il.

Larry Bennett
Argenta, Il.

Randy Poskin
Ashkum, Il.

David Thomas
Monticello, Il.


Lunch for Agronomy Day provided by Hickory River Smokehouse, 1706 N. Cunningham Ave, Urbana, Illinios

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