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Agronomy Day 2007

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The Seven Wonders of the Corn Yield World

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Fred Below Fred E. Below
Professor of Crop Physiology
Department of Crop Sciences
Allen Becker Allen W. Becker
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Crop Sciences

Using research conducted by the Crop Physiology Laboratory over the past 10 years, we have ranked the top seven factors affecting corn yields in Illinois, and given each ‘yield wonder’ a relative value expressed in bushels per acre. We will use this information to test the audience’s knowledge of the top seven factors affecting corn productivity, and to show the impact on yield that each factor can exert. We will also show how a given yield wonder can be altered by its interaction with other wonders. Do you know the seven wonders of the corn yield world? As a hint, these yield-wonders are not one-time improvements like tile drainage, do not involve buildup of P and K levels, and they assume that fields are kept free of weeds. Rather, these yield wonders affect corn productivity every year, and six are directly under the control of the farmer. Some of these yield wonders are depicted in the photo collage shown below, and all will be discussed at the presentation.

fig 1
A pictorial depiction of some of the wonders of the corn yield world.