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Agronomy Day 2007

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Field Tour Presentations

Take four walking tours and discuss the latest breakthroughs in agriculture and technology with researchers and extension specialists from the University of Illinois.

Walking tours begin every half-hour between 7:00 am and 12:00 noon, as groups are available. Each tour lasts about an hour, so please come early if you plan to take all four.

Tour topics include:

Tour A

Kevin Steffey
Soybean Insect Management: Everything But the Kitchen Sink
Mike Gray
Is There a Future for Granular Soil Insecticides? Is a 20% Target Enough?
Eric Adee
Investing in the future: SCN Management Today
Emerson Nafziger
Managing Corn Following Corn

Tour B

Carl Bradley
Foliar Fungicides for Corn and Soybean…The New Norm or Just a Fad?
Joe Spencer
“Rootworms Use Refuges, Do You”?
Fabián Fernández
Taking a Look at Our Roots
Fred Below, Allen Becker
The Seven Wonders of the Corn Yield World

Tour C

Josie Hugie, AJ Woodward, Dean Riechers
Synergistic Herbicide Tank Mixes for Weed Management in Corn
Aaron Hager, Dawn Nordby
Glyphosphate-Resistant Weeds in Illinois: How to Improve Your Chances
Mike Tannura, Scott Irwin, and Darrel Good
Are Corn and Soybean Trend Yields Increasing at a Faster Rate?
Malia Appleford, Richard Cooke
Removing Tile Drain Nitrates With Biofiltration: Let the Bugs Do the Work!

Tour D

Yuanhui Zhang, Mitch Minarick
Thermochemical Conversion Process for Swine Manure to Produce Oil and Reduce Waste
Al Hansen, Jon McCrady
Research in Biodiesel Utilization
Xinlei Wang
Alternative Energy for the Farmstead
Frank Dohleman, Stephen Long
Miscanthus and Switchgrass Trials for Alternative Energy in Illinois