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Agronomy Day 2007

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The Department of Crop Sciences is Searching for Students

Do you know high school or junior college students who are interested in plants, science and agriculture? We need your help in identifying students with interests in plants and science who may be interested in exploring the opportunities in Crop Sciences. Many Crop Sciences students enroll in the University of Illinois because someone they know encouraged them to come to the University of Illinois.

Crop sciences is a diverse discipline in which biological sciences provide the basis for agricultural production. Crop scientists use knowledge about agriculture, biology, genetics, biotechnology, ecology and other disciplines to improve plants and their products. Crop Science majors at the University of Illinois choose among six concentrations (Agroecology, Biological Sciences, Crops, Crop Agribusiness, Integrated Pest Management, and Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology) leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The concentrations, and careers they lead to, are as varied as the whole field of biology. In the last several years, most students seeking employment after receiving a B.S. degree had at least two job offers, and last year, they had the highest average salary in the College, averaging $42,000.

Please encourage students you know to apply for admission to our program. Stop at the display on Undergraduate Programs in Crop Sciences to provide contact information for prospective students or call 217-333-4256 or 217-333- 9485 or send an email message to <>. If you would like to visit campus with a student, please let us know.

Please help us identify high school students or junior college students who are interested in exploring the growing opportunities in Crop Sciences. Thank you for your help.

Robert G. Hoeft
Professor and Head, Department of Crop Sciences

Frederic L. Kolb
Professor of Plant Breeding and
Crop Sciences Teaching Coordinator
Department of Crop Sciences