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Agronomy Day 2007

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Illinois Manure Management Plans (IMMP):
Web Based Nutrient Management Plans for Livestock Producers

In Illinois there are three agencies – NRCS, IEPA, and IDOA – that could require a livestock producer (or horse owner) to develop a manure management plan. UI Extension has coordinated with these agencies to develop a single plan format, in the form of a step-by-step website that is now available on-line at

Enter the web-based Illinois Manure Management Plan (IMMP) with:

Authors: University of Illinois Extension Specialists: Ted Funk (217-333-9313;, Agricultural Engineering; and Randy Fonner (217-333-2611;, Certified Livestock Manager Training.

EZregs: Making Sense of Illinois Agricultural and Horticultural Regulations

EZregs is a website ( designed to help identify state and federal environmental regulations that pertain to specific agricultural and horticultural operations and practices in Illinois.

EZregs provides detailed information about how regulations apply to livestock, food crop, and ornamental horticulture production operations as well as landscape maintenance operations. It contains a variety of regulations related to environmental protection; safe and legal use of pesticides; livestock facility construction, management and siting. The following regulations are presently included in EZregs:

Authors: University of Illinois Extension Specialists: Scott Bretthauer (217-244-9418;, Pesticide Safety Education and Application Equipment; Ted Funk (217-333-9313;, AgriculturalEngineering; and Randy Fonner (217-333-2611;, Certified Livestock Manager Training.