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Agronomy Day 2006

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Illinois AgrAbility Program

Services for Farm People With Any Type of Disability

Almost every individual in their life time will have some type of permanent or short term disability. At this display you can learn about the variety of free services to assist farm people with age, disease or injury related disabilities. This program has access to thousands of modifications that can be made to farm equipment, tools and facilities that can improve efficiency in light of a particular disability. The program can provide basic information on these modifications or you can schedule a meeting with the program manager to do a comprehensive review that can lead to a plan to make changes based on need and resources. The program can also help you assess a person’s eligibility for financial assistance from state resources.

Contact: Bob Aherin, AgrAbility Program Director
Phone: 217-333-9417

Persons manning display:
Mike Brokaw, AgrAbility Program Manager

Jim Williams, AgrAbility Field Coordinator