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One Year's Seeding...: Managing The Weed Seedbank

Many of the weeds on Illinois farms produce thousands of seeds per plant. These seeds get mixed into the soil to form long-lived "seedbanks". Although weed seedbanks are the main source of persistent weed infestations in crop fields, most weed management techniques are targeted only at seedlings. The USDA-ARS Invasive Weed Management Unit at Urbana, IL, has committed a portion of its research effort to improved understanding of weed seedbanks and their management. Our projects range from basic science to understand how soil microbes affect weed seed longevity in the soil to more applied work aimed at developing new methods for reducing weed seed inputs and seed survival. Come see our seed washing machine and seed predator exclosures, learn to identify some of the weed seeds in our collection, and find out about some of our current projects.

Dr. Adam S. Davis
Weed Ecologist
USDA-ARS Invasive Weed Management Research Unit
Adjunct Assistant Professor
UIUC Crop Sciences Department
(217) 333-9654

Department of Crop Sciences
College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
University of Illinois Extension
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