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The Soybean Rust Sentinel Plot System in Illinois

Asian soybean rust (caused by the fungus Phakopsora pachyrhizi) was discovered in several southern U.S. states for the first time in November 2004. Among the many responses to this new disease threat to soybeans, a system of sentinel plots has been established for the 2005 growing season. Over 30 soybean production states in eastern and central United States are participating in the sentinel plot program, which will help track the establishment and movement of soybean rust.

This national sentinel plot system is an integral part of a coordinated framework initiated in large part by the USDA for surveillance, prediction, reporting, and management of soybean rust. In addition to the USDA, the system was established with the cooperative efforts of State Universities and Extension Systems, State Departments of Agriculture, industry, local producers, and the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN).
Soybean Rust on Leaf in Brazil Two key functions of the Sentinel Plot System are to provide an early warning system for soybean producers and to test the USDA soybean rust forecasting system. As a part of this effort, soybean production states were asked to provide resources to assist with the USDA Sentinel Plot System for 2005. The Illinois Sentinel Plot System is supported by funds from the Illinois Soybean Checkoff Board, the Illinois Department of Agriculture, the North Central Soybean Research Program, the United Soybean Board, and the USDA-APHIS-CAPS program. Reports from the sentinel plot and scouting system can be viewed at www.sbrusa.net, and soybean rust forecasts can be monitored at http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/pp/soybeanrust/. Soybean Rust on Two Leaves
Soybean Rust on Leaf in Brazil Soybean Rust on Two Leaves

In Illinois, 41 soybean rust sentinel plots were established. The plots are located on university research stations, a community college research farm, in producer fields, and at company research sites. In most plot locations, an early and later maturity soybean variety are planted in an area about 50' x 50'. Each sentinel plot is scouted at least weekly for the presence of soybean rust. Plots are to be scouted more frequently if soybean rust is detected in the southern U.S. and if there is significant risk of the disease moving into Illinois. To allow as much information as possible to be obtained, sentinel plots at most research stations will not be sprayed with fungicides after rust is detected. Plots in grower's fields, however, will be sprayed with fungicides or destroyed depending on the wishes of the landowner. If the disease spreads into Illinois, sentinel plots will also be used to train scouts, farmers, company reps, Certified Crop Advisors, and other soybean industry groups about disease identification and management. A website that has been created for Illinois sentinel plot information and information on soybean rust in Illinois can be viewed at www.soybeanrust.org. The sentinel plots are expected to provide valuable information to help Illinois producers track and manage soybean rust. Illinois Sentinel Plot Locations
Illinois Sentinel Plot Locations
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