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Soil and Water Conservation Society Student Chapter

“Healthy Land, Clean Water . . . For Life”

Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant (Advisor)
Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

Shaun Schmidt (President)
Cathy Ruesken (Vice-President)
Ilse Williams (Secretary)
Edwin Winzeler (Website and Publicity Chair)

The UIUC student chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) is open to all students, faculty, and staff interested in the conservation and sustainable management of soil and water resources. The society fosters the science and the art of soil, water and related natural research management to achieve sustainability. We promote and practice an ethic recognizing the interdependence of people and the environment. The Chapter holds monthly meetings that usually include a featured speaker. Activities of the chapter have included having displays at Quad Day and ACES Open House. This coming year, the Chapter will coordinate a seed collecting project at Allerton Park and will host a seminar series. Shaun Schmidt, Chapter President, served as the Student Representative to the SWCS Board (July 2003-July 2004).

Department of Crop Sciences
College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
University of Illinois Extension
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