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Plant Clinic Services

Contact: Nancy Pataky
Director, Plant Clinic or
Extension Specialist, Plant Pathology
Crop Sciences
(217) 333-0519; npataky@illinois.edu

Clinic web site: http://plantclinic.cropsci.illinois.edu/

The Plant Clinic at the University of Illinois was established in 1976 in order to serve as a clearinghouse for plant problems. With university budget cuts and requirements for extension specialists to cover larger geographical areas, as well as additional specialties, the Plant Clinic is an excellent resource for diagnostic help. Visit this display and learn of some of the specialty tests available. Test your ability to detect soybean rust and see how a positive diagnosis is confirmed. Compare your rootworm rating with those of an entomology specialist. Look at common herbicide injury symptoms from this season. Take a look at other diagnostic tips without client pressure.

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