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Agronomy Day 2004 Pictures

Agronomy Day 2004 was a blast! Forgot your camera? No worries! Here are some memorable photographs from the event!

In and around that huge tent

tent_01 tent_02 tent_03 tent_04 tent_05 tent_06 tent_07 tent_08 tent_09 tent_10 tent_11 tent_12 tent_13 tent_14 tent_15 tent_16 tent_17 tent_18 tent_19 tent_20 tent_21 tent_22 tent_23 tent_24 tent_25 tent_26

Some pictures from those neat tractor tours

tours_01 tours_02 tours_03 tours_04 tours_05 tours_06 tours_07 tours_08 tours_09 tours_10 tours_11 tours_12 tours_13

Featured speaker for the event, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Jim Moseley

speaker_01 speaker_02 speaker_03 speaker_04 speaker_05 speaker_06
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