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Farmdoc and Machinery Cost

Farmdoc is a Website maintained by faculty within the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois. The goal of the Website is to provide economic information to farmers in Illinois that will improve decision-making under risk. Farmdoc includes sections dealing with marketing, farm management, finance, marketing, management, law, policy, and crop insurance.

This year’s display focuses on machinery costs available on farmdoc. Machinery costs were updated to reflect 2003 conditions and are given for many planting, field, forage, and harvesting operations. On-line tools allow machinery costs to be tailored to specific operations. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets aid in looking at machinery economic issues.

Specific issues examined under machinery costs are the costs of different planting systems (single planter, slitrow planter, planter and drill). The costs of operating a grain cart also are detailed.

Gary Schnitkey, Farm Management Specialist
Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics
(217) 244-9595; schnitke@illinois.edu


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