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The Online Illinois Agronomy Handbook

The Illinois Agronomy Handbook has served as a major source of crop management information for several decades. The online version is a companion website that adds value to the original print handbook. Along with the full text, the online version has interactive tools and databases. Calculators for nitrogen rate, limestone, seed drop rate, replant decisions, stand counting, and yield estimation allow users to plug in values and save results for later use. Large databases with climate and soil information provide inputs for some calculations. The Nutrient Management and Soil Plan applications help farmers manage nutrients based on soil test results, soil type, crop, anticipated yield, and federal rules. The Agriweather Toolbench estimates precipitation, temperatures, corn growth stages, and pest emergence for specific locations. Wireless web access enables the use of some IAH tools in the field. County-specific pages offer yield, climate, and spatial data, including some digital soil maps.

John Schmitz, Project Manager
Information Technology & Communication Services
(217) 244-2291; jschmitz@illinois.edu

The Online Illinois Agronomy Handbook

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