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The Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research (C-FAR) Strategic Research Initiative in Water Quality

Water quality continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing agriculture. Specifically, concerns that excess nutrients and sediment are causing impairment of rivers, streams, and lakes have emerged as priority issues. The mission of the Water Quality Strategic Research Initiative (SRI) is to identify cost-effective approaches for improving Illinois’ water quality.

The Water Quality SRI is organized into three integrated components. The Best Management Practices (BMP) group seeks to identify practices that reduce nutrients in water resources and evaluate these practices from agronomic, economic, and environmental perspectives. The Mass Balance group works to understand the sources and movement of nutrients through Illinois watersheds. The Modeling group is developing and employing computer models at the state, watershed, and field scales that may help predict consequences of alternative land management and agronomic practices.

A fourth component, Outreach, is intended to make research results readily available to stakeholders and to provide information to policymakers, the agriculture community, and Illinois citizens about possible solutions to water quality concerns in the state The comprehensive website below details individual projects, budgets, progress reports, and outcomes of this initiative.

George F. Czapar
University of Illinois Extension
(217) 782-6515; gfc@illinois.edu


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