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Plant Clinic Diagnostic Highlights

The University of Illinois Plant Clinic processes a myriad of plant problems each year on field crops, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, turf, and other crops. Services include plant and insect identification; diagnosis of disease, insect, weed and chemical injury; nematode assays; help with nutrient-related problems; and recommendations involving all diagnoses. Most plant samples have multiple problems, such as soybeans with a soybean cyst nematode infestation, stem canker, and spider mite problems. It's rare to find only one problem per plant.

The Plant Clinic was established to help provide a source for accurate identification of plant problems. In more difficult situations, a team of specialists may be consulted to help complete a diagnosis. The key to management is to identify all possible problems and then to determine the major contributors to plant stress. Plant Clinic recommendations for management strategies are provided from multiple departments and involve cultural and mechanical recommendations, resistant varieties, and chemical recommendations where necessary. The Plant Clinic is most definitely an advocate of IPM in Illinois.

Learn about the clinic at out tent exhibit and see some of the year's highlights. Test your knowledge of plant problems by trying to diagnose the unknowns provided by clinic specialists.

Nancy R. Pataky, Director of the Plant Clinic
Department of Crop Sciences
(217) 333-0519; npataky@illinois.edu


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