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Antimutagenicity and Tumor-Suppressive Properties of Commercial Corn Processing By-Products

Our study focused on the tumor-suppressive and antimutagenic properties of compounds isolated from commercial corn processing by-products. A series of chemical fractions from corn processing waste products was analyzed by single cell gel electrophoresis, which detects genomic DNA damage in mammalian cells. A methanol fraction of corn distillate solids (CDS) was shown to be non-genotoxic in AS52 Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells in a concentration range of 10 ìg/ ml - 1 mg/ml. The CDS methanol fraction also was shown to be non-cytotoxic in a concentration range of 10 ìg/ml - 1 mg/ml using a rapid microplate-based assay. CDS, in the range of 10 ìg/ml - 200 ìg/ml, also repressed DNA damage in CHO cells treated with 2-acetoxyacetylaminofluorene (2AAAF), a model arylamine carcinogen. Using C18 reverse phase column chromatography, six CDS chemical fractions were isolated. CDS40 (40 percent methanol eluate) repressed the DNA action of 2AAAF in a concentration-dependent manner. At the concentration of 5 ìg/ml, CDS40 fraction repressed 50 percent of the DNA damage caused by 2AAAF (4 ìM). Using thin-layer chromatography, six additional CDS40 chemical fractions were isolated. These fractions are being analyzed for the repression of DNA damage in CHO cells treated with 2AAAF.

We plan to test the anti-tumor effects of the CDS corn fractions against HT-29 human colon cancer cells. Chemical fractions that reduce tumor cell growth rates at concentrations that are non-genotoxic and non-cytotoxic will be further analyzed with a rapid microplate-based growth curve assay to determine the effects of these chemical fractions on the doubling time of HT-29 cells. Research funded by C-FAR grant No. 01I-2-4CS, a University of Illinois Functional Foods for Health Program grant, and an Environmental Council SURE grant.

Michael J. Plewa, Professor of Genetics
Department of Crop Sciences
(217) 333-3614; m-plewa@illinois.edu

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