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Interactive Agronomy Handbook

The Interactive Agronomy Handbook (IAH) is a website that complements the print handbook. The site features calculators, databases, and other online resources. Calculators provide an easy way for users to perform agronomic calculations. Databases allow users to access large storehouses of information on weather, soil types, spatial data, and other sources. Related online resources enable the user to pursue selected high-quality information from sources outside the Handbook, especially from other C-FAR projects like IPM, farm.doc, Weed ID, and Map Illinois. An overarching goal is to provide these value-added features of the Handbook in an integrated, user-friendly site.

This project is a key test of the value of online versions of traditional extension publications. It also is a test of the value of portal websites that provide a single point-of-contact to clients and stakeholders. We would appreciate feedback on any aspect of the project. The C-FAR Strategic Research Initiative on Information Technology funds this project through an award to Robert Hoeft and Emerson Nafziger in the Department of Crop Sciences.

John Schmitz, Project Manager
Information Technology & Communication Services
(217) 244-2291; jschmitz@illinois.edu


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