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Western Corn Rootworm Programs

Since the mid-1990s, crop rotation has failed to prevent western corn rootworm larval injury in first-year corn in east central Illinois. Extension entomologists, educators, producers, and industry personnel have worked together to establish a scouting protocol and threshold for western corn rootworm adults in soybean fields. A preliminary threshold was first used in 1998, and continued on-farm research has allowed this threshold to be refined.

In 2000, producers from more than 50 counties in Illinois participated in the Western Corn Rootworm Monitoring Program. Many of these producers scouted for the first time with sticky traps provided by University of Illinois Extension, Department of Crop Sciences, and the State of Illinois, Department of Agriculture Conservation 2000 Sustainable Agriculture Grant Program.

We encourage you to stop by our Agronomy Day tent exhibit for the latest information on the expanding western corn rootworm problem.

Silvia I. Rondon, graduate student
Department of Crop Sciences
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Christopher M. F. Pierce, graduate student
Department of Entomology
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Susan Ratcliffe, Extension Specialist
Department of Crop Sciences
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