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Agro-Ecology/Sustainable Agriculture Program

Since 1989, the Agro-Ecology/Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP)-part of the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois-has been working to "facilitate and promote research and education that protects Illinois' natural and human resources, and sustain agricultural production forever." Though we are active on several levels, at the College of ACES and throughout the state, farmers are the heart of our program.

These are hard times for farmers, especially smaller-scale producers. We believe the principles of sustainable agriculture can help producers of any size not only survive but also thrive. Our program offers numerous resources, including on-farm research reports and guidebooks and copies of our newsletter, Agro-Ecology News and Perspectives. In addition, we can provide you with SARE publications covering a wide variety of production and marketing topics.

Dan Anderson, Research Specialist
Dept. of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
(217) 333-1588; aslan@illinois.edu

Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant, PDP Coordinator
Dept. of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
(217) 968-5512; cavanaughd@mail.aces.uiuc.edu

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