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The Interactive Internet

The Department of Crop Sciences has developed innovative delivery systems for many of the traditional Extension educational materials and publications. The Agronomy Handbook now has on-line interactive decision-making tools that complement the published version of the handbook, and the newly revised Field Crop Scouting Manual is available both as a hardcopy and on a CD-ROM. The new Integrated Pest Management website provides valuable information on plant diseases, weeds, and insects. The site includes instructional videos and calculators to assist with IPM decisions.

We encourage you to stop by our Agronomy Day tent display for a tour of the websites and demonstrations of the interactive components.

John Schmitz
Coordinator of Instructional Development
Information Technology & Communication Services
(217) 244-2291; jschmitz@illinois.edu

Ken McPheeters
Research Specialist in Agriculture
Information Technology & Communication Services
(217) 244-5186; kmcpheet@illinois.edu

Mary Winters-Meyer
Network Analyst
Department of Crop Sciences
(217) 244-0712; mjwmeyer@illinois.edu

Susan Ratcliffe
Extension Specialist
Department of Crop Sciences
(217) 333-9656; sratclif@illinois.edu

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